Additional Services & Fees

Occasionally, you need something out of the ordinary.  Listed below you will find the "little extras" we offer and their applicable fees.  Please note that these fees may change at any time.

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Description of Fee Amount
ATM / Debit Replacement Card: $5.00 per card
Account Activity Printout: $1.00 per page
ACH Stop Payment: $35.00 per transaction
Account Balance Inquiry: $1.00 per account
Account Research/ Reconciliation: $15.00 per hour
Telephone Funds Transfer (Interbank): $5.00 per transfer
Check Cashing Fee (Non-customer): 1% of check amount
Personal Money Order: $2.00 each
Wire Transfer (Domestic): $30.00 per each outgoing wire
Wire Transfer (International): $75.00 per each outgoing wire
Wire Transfer (account holder): $15.00 per each incoming wire
Collection Items (outgoing): $10.00 each plus postage fees
Collection Items (incoming): $5.00 each plus external bank charges
Document Copies (paper): $0.25 per page
Fax Machine: $5.00 for 1st page; $1.00 per additional page
Cashier’s Checks: $7.50 each
Snap Shot Account Statement: $1.00 per account
Lock Bag (first): $10.00
Lock Bag (all others): $15.00 each
Large Zipper Bag: $3.00 each
Small Zipper Bag: $2.00 each
Duplicate Loan Book: $2.00 each
Duplicate Checkbook Cover: $2.00 each
Duplicate Check Register: $1.00 each
Duplicate Savings Cover: $1.00 each
Duplicate Savings Register: $1.00 each
Legal Processes affecting your account (i.e., Garnishments, Citations, or other): $25.00 each
Large Currency Orders: $0.06/ roll of coin; $0.25 /$100 of currency
Temporary Checks: $1.00 per sheet
Night Deposit Key Replacement: $2.00 each

Other Account Fees

Description of Fee Amount
The following fees apply to Demand Deposit and Savings Accounts:
Overdraft Charge: $35.00 per item
Stop Payment Charge: $35.00 per item
Balancing of Statement Fee: $15.00 per hour
Dormant Account Fee: $1.00 per month
Insufficient Funds Charge: $35.00 per presentment