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Transition to MasterCard Debit Cards

You deserve great benefits with no added costs. That is why Sabine State Bank will be transitioning to MasterCard Debit Cards for both personal and business accounts in early 2019. All Debit Cards will be reissued as MasterCard Debit Cards.

You will receive a notification letter three (3) weeks prior to receiving your new MasterCard Debit Card. After receiving your new MasterCard Debit Card, you will have sixty (60) days to activate the new card by performing a PIN-based retail purchase or performing a balance inquiry at an ATM.

When your new card arrives, you’ll enjoy:

  • Uninterrupted account access — Purchases and ATM withdrawals will continue to be deducted from your existing checking account, just like before.
  • Continued convenience and security — Shopping with your card is faster than writing checks and safer than carrying cash.
  • Great new benefits — You’ll also enjoy access to all of the other benefits outlined in the guide to benefits you will receive with your new card.

Simply continue to use your existing debit card for now, then activate and start using your new MasterCard Debit Card as soon as it arrives. Also remember to provide your new debit card number to any merchants who automatically bill your existing card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you replacing my existing card?

Your new Debit Mastercard will help us to serve you better by providing you with added benefits you can use every day. You will receive a full listing of benefits in the mailing you receive from the Bank.

Is there any cost to me?

No, your new card will have no annual fee, just like the card it replaces.

Will my PIN remain the same?

Yes, for your convenience you can continue to use the same PIN as before.

Why will my new card contain a microchip?

Sabine State Bank will continue to feature chip technology because it provides more security and ease of use in other countries and has become standard in the U.S.

When will my new card arrive?

You can expect to receive your new card within three weeks of receiving a notification letter from Sabine State Bank. When your new card arrives, simply:

  1. Activate the card by performing a PIN-based purchase or a balance inquiry at an ATM
  2. Sign the back of the new MasterCard Debit Card
  3. Destroy your old Debit Card

Who can tell me more?

If you have other questions, inquire online, at any branch or give us a call toll-free at (833) 332-0595.

If I have multiple accounts, will each account receive a new card?

Yes. Each Debit Card will be reissued a new MasterCard Debit Card.

If I receive more than one card, how will I be able to tell which checking account it is linked to?

Simply call your local branch or call our Electronic Banking staff at (833) 332-0595 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Important Information about Opening A Legal Entity Account

Effective May 11, 2018, new rules under the Bank Secrecy Act will aid the government in the fight against crimes to evade financial measures designed to combat terrorism and other national security threats.

EACH time an account is opened for a covered Legal Entity, we are required to ask you for identifying information (name, address, date of birth, social security number, as well as identification documents) for:

  • Each individual that has beneficial ownership (25% or more); and,
  • One individual that has significant managerial control, of the Legal Entity.

If you are opening an account on behalf of a Legal Entity, you will be required to provide the appropriate documentation and to certify that this information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

We proudly support all efforts to protect and maintain the security of our customers and our country.