Online Banking Security Alert: Do not give your username and password for Online Banking or Mobile Banking to anyone at any time for any reason. The Bank will not contact you and ask you for your Online Banking or Mobile Banking credentials. Never provide your personal banking information (to include usernames, and passwords) to anyone that calls you on the phone, text messages you, or emails you. Always be suspicious of callers that ask you for your personal banking information, even if the caller is claiming to be a business or a government agency such as the IRS, Veterans' Administration, or Social Security Administration.

No legitimate business or government agency will ever ask for your Online Banking or Mobile Banking username and password. Fraudsters are seeking this information in an attempt to issue fraudulent bill payments using your Online Banking account or deposit fraudulent checks into your account using mobile deposit. If you believe you may have provided your Online Banking or Mobile Banking credentials to a fraudster, please contact Electronic Banking at (318) 951-4240 immediately.